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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


During mid January, I get enthused to watch Avatar, the legend of Aang as the last Air Bender. I could not help myself but to look for ways to watch the entire episodes/book or series and/or the entire story. My mind is playing things related to Avatar and talks so much about air bending, water bending, fire bending and earth bending. Not only that, I also include non-Avatar bending like wood bending, oil bending, tv bending, computer bending, body bending, and all the bending you can name. Rubber bending might be included there.

It all started when my brother and niece watch TV in TV5 with these Sponge Bob Square Pants and Jimmy Neutron talking in Tagalog. Including kiddie show which I am not that familiar with. Then they were watching Aang talking in Tagalog. Its nice to hear that but I like to listen to it better in English, the original dubbed version. Then we started to talk about Aang and things that an Avatar can do. I often tell me sister, " Someone was looking after you,"

She would say, "who is it?"

I would say, " someone from Fire Nation!".

Just recently, I bought a DVD with complete books and episodes of Avatar. Pretty excited to watch the full episodes, it became an Avatar marathon. At first it was smooth flow because the book 1 was totally complete and it was really nice to watch. It really fed my imagination and I like that. toward the end of book 2, sad and became a little annoyed to figure out that book 2 is not complete. Well I have no choice but to finish it but to my surprise, book 3 is not also complete! Arggh! I wish I asked for a reciept when I purchased that DVD so that I could still return it.

Now, I will have this alternative, look for Avatar streaming videos in the internet. Here are some of the links.


Boris said...

I also love to watch Avatar but there isn't much time to watch it because of my workloads.

When I heard about that show, I know that it will be awesome, and it was! The first few episodes totally caught my eye and can't wait for the rest of the seasons.

piojunbabia said...

ya. that is my problem now. the cd i bought is not complete... :( thanks for the comments!!! :)