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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recently 01: New Friend

I came home late at night and I got tired from where I've been. I little pissed off but I am controlling myself. When I was at home I went to the computer and logged in to my yahoomail and yahoo messenger. I opened my blog and I do SOP whenever I go online. Same as usual, the loading takes too long so I have time to wash the dishes and clean the house a little bit. It was a little mess since there are no one else cleaning the house except me.

When my yahoo mail was finally loaded, I checked them but there are no interesting new mail except for one. Global Earn Talk has a new contest for a grand prize of $5. I checked it and to find out that they will be opening a new contest. It is the Member of the month where a member is nominated by GET staff and they will select the winner. So I need to do something so that I will be the Member of the Month.

A little later, I went to some sites just surfing around and dropped on a chat zone where many people were very busy chatting so I joined the conversation. Then in a few minutes time, I befriended someone and we exchanged yahoo messenger ID and so to make is short, we chat. Her name is Kimi from New York, she seems to be interesting since she has a Hindu blood. In fact she can speak Hindi. She can speak Spanish too and a little in French. I found her interesting and I think she is nice. So we are chatting for about two hours and it was good. The photo beside is her picture, she sent to me while chatting...

So now, I have a new friend, Kimi or Miley. Whom I would be chatting in later. Having new friend is good. Her age? secret!