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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Web Hosting Rating

Are you looking for a good web hosting company? Me? YES I do! I don't want only a domain name but I also want to have my own website hosted by some good web hosting companies. There are many web hosting companies which I get confused which one to use. But I found a website where you CAN compare which web hosting companies to use. Visit the site web hosting rating where accurate comparison are displayed. They show top 10 web host. If you use this site to know and decide which site to use, it would be beneficial since they provide categories such as best unix hosting, best budget hosting, best blog hosting, and many more.

So if you want to select the best web hosting company go to web hosting rating and they will lead you to the right way! That is a guarantee! Visit the site for more details!

PS: I think I know now where I should host my website!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recently 02: Failure

My cousin came to me to ask help. Being so proud to myself, I accepted her request without any benefit for myself. "Sure! Why not?! I could do it" I told her. She knows I am inclined to computers better than anyone else in our family so she never doubted coming to me. What does she want me to do? Very simple, she just want to edit movies, cut some clips from different movies and compile them into one single movie file. She only have DVD movies so she wanted it to convert to any movie format so that she can edit it using windows movie maker. She advised me to convert it to .avi format or if not any other format which movie maker could edit it.

So after she gave me everything I need to start, where I started to work it late at night and my due will be on 7 on that morning, it was very late for me to do. But still I need to finish it. There are seven movies she wanted me to convert, at least to convert only. But I converted only four out of seven. I slept at around 5 in the morning but I did not finish it all. I got frustrated with such a failure, though I did my best at least made 4/7, still that was not good enough. Besides that, my computer is old and it stops every now and then while converting. So it takes a while converting. Many times I restarted the computer with out finishing a single convert. So I got really frustrated to that. My melancholic personality eats me and my self esteem really goes down when that happen. Anyway, never mind and that's all for now. I don't want to tell more than that.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recently 01: New Friend

I came home late at night and I got tired from where I've been. I little pissed off but I am controlling myself. When I was at home I went to the computer and logged in to my yahoomail and yahoo messenger. I opened my blog and I do SOP whenever I go online. Same as usual, the loading takes too long so I have time to wash the dishes and clean the house a little bit. It was a little mess since there are no one else cleaning the house except me.

When my yahoo mail was finally loaded, I checked them but there are no interesting new mail except for one. Global Earn Talk has a new contest for a grand prize of $5. I checked it and to find out that they will be opening a new contest. It is the Member of the month where a member is nominated by GET staff and they will select the winner. So I need to do something so that I will be the Member of the Month.

A little later, I went to some sites just surfing around and dropped on a chat zone where many people were very busy chatting so I joined the conversation. Then in a few minutes time, I befriended someone and we exchanged yahoo messenger ID and so to make is short, we chat. Her name is Kimi from New York, she seems to be interesting since she has a Hindu blood. In fact she can speak Hindi. She can speak Spanish too and a little in French. I found her interesting and I think she is nice. So we are chatting for about two hours and it was good. The photo beside is her picture, she sent to me while chatting...

So now, I have a new friend, Kimi or Miley. Whom I would be chatting in later. Having new friend is good. Her age? secret!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

World Secure Channel

Do you want any privacy with regards to your internet connection? or you want to browse the internet anonymously? bypass local internet restrictions with a World Secure Channel? This site is very good for you. You can make your appearance on the Internet secure and keep your vital information private. You know the importance of having a secure internet connection is that we are able to have privacy in our surfing. Besides that, spywares and malwares are all over internet that would be dangerous if people would know our private information like our email passwords. Visit the site vpn for more information.

Dream 01

Last night I had a dream, it was clear dream and I remember it exactly how it happened but it started from abstract vision. Later it went clear. I was in a school, in the school where took my high school. I just roam around there and just reminiscing my past school days. I went to my favorite places and the place where I pass when I go to class, to the canteen, to the gym and to the gazebo. I stared at the place where I got stock because the CAT (Citizen's Army Training) officer wont let me pass because I was late and/or it is not yet time to enter.

Later I went outside the campus and decided to go home. I have no money then for fare so I just hitch a ride. There are no other vehicles I could find and a cargo truck passed by so I have to ride on that truck. I made a hitch sign but I was ignored. Since the truck was moving slowly, I managed to ride at the back where it is really hard to hold. There is only about 5 to 6 inches platform where I seated and I was holding a small handle just to keep me there. I had difficulty when it started to run faster. The truck is actually going faster which I never thought it would. Sooner I fell of the street and to catch the attention of the driver, I hit the back of his truck very hard so he would hear something and would eventually stop. There he did stop and looked at the back of the truck where he noticed it was open. I was lying on the ground when he closed the back door of his truck, ignore me and went away.

The truck looked like this
My dream ended there because I woke up. Someone woke me up, my grandfather. I wanted to sleep again to know what happened next but I could not sleep back. I am wondering if there are any signs to that dream. Any ideas?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chat with Me

Please choose desired Nick and click "Join the Chatroom"

I removed Yahoo Ping Box, Apology..

You can also join chat at this site -> where many are online. :-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friends At Home

We all have friends. I am sure no body here has no friends. At least one? I believe no one has only one friend here but many. We have friends here and there and everywhere. Text here and call there, mails and emails, sometimes chat and sometime face to face conversations.

We usually hang up with our friends outside our respective houses. Usually at malls, favorite places in school, cafés, gazebos, rendezvous, and other places we want to go. Since the very day that my mother applied for a broadband internet connection, started last July 2008, I have been online most of my time. I check my social networking sites quite often. I join forums and signed up on to different websites. I have befriended many people around the world. I met different kinds of people from random worlds. From simple to complicated, and many to mention. Since then also, I open my yahoo messenger as soon as I open my computer and this is also the reason I got many friends online. It is as if talking to a friend on one part of the house - my computer. I have not even seen them in person.

Today, I very often see my friends around with me. My usual friends whom I used to be with. The friends whom I always meet and I always talk to are now become someone I do not talk more often now. I spend more time chatting my friends online and we became a little intimate to some of them. Here are the people I talk most of the time in the internet:
Tykez- Almost everyday
Kathleen B - almost everyday
Lhyn - about 5 times a week
Cherry - a few times a week
Lina - a few times a week
Maya - a few times a week
Sudarsan - a few times a week
Sandeep - a few times a week
John A - a few times a week
Marie - a few times a month
Adnan - a few times a week
EJ - a few times a week
and some more I chat for several times a month..

Friday, February 13, 2009

Flock - Internet Browser

I have been looking for good quality Internet browser. A kind that browses the Internet fast and good has features. We have heard of many browser and most of them are free to download and with easy to install setup. They are Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Chrome and many others. Well, most of us also are aware of malwares and spywares existed in the world wide web. They are contained in games, online executable files, browser plug ins, additional executable files in toolbars and many to mention. Hey, do not forget to mention the browsers itself. Yes, there are browsers that are having spywares. Spywares enables someone to view or sneak on to your private information stored on your computer such as passwords and other important private informations. If you let others know your passwords, then that is very dangerous. (if you do not know how and why it is dangerous, ask me).


Now a few days ago, I was introduced by a friend to one browser that he found, he asked me my comments about it. Well it was good. We did a little research about this browser he found.

The name of the browser is Flock. You can view more of its details in their official website Flock is a browser related or similar to Firefox and it is powered by Mozilla, creator of FireFox. Flock has almost the same feature with Firefox though they are a little bit different. Flock, I may say is faster when it comes to browsing compared to Firefox. Flock also has a good GUI (Graphical User Interface) better than Firefox, in my honest opinion(Well, beauty depends on the the watcher). So now, I am using Flock for browsing. You might want to try as well. You can download it from Do not forget to read about its details.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

That Was Close

Most of us wanted to have a Home Based Job. Who would not want that especially that we are doing paid jobs in the expense of our home? Not only that, most online home based jobs are paying dollars so it is more practical to have a home based job especially when it has a good amount of pay. Aside from that, we can have less expenses like we do not need to spend for fare or gas for cars; no traffic and no late. We can also have more quality time with our family if we have home based jobs. And more time to relax! :)

Well, just recently, a friend of mine named Gabby (not the real name I RESPECT PRIVACY) who is also having a home based job as a home based call center agent. My friend referred to me a client who was looking for a home based online assistant, gave to me the yahoo ID and I begun chatting with the client. He asked me details about me and some skills I have. It was more or less an interview for me. At first he he liked to have me hired and was about to hire me but later he found out that I lack some skills that are necessary to sit on the position he is offering. Later I found out that what the client was looking for was out of my skills and knowledge. Though I was really serious and very much interested of having that job, and willing to learn, where he is offering me good enough amount of pay per hour, I was honest on what I could do. So I just told the client that I needed more experiences on the skills that he is requiring me to have.

In other words, I failed to have that opportunity, an opportunity to work online and an opportunity to expose myself as well. I bid goodbye to the client and told him that I might be able to master the skills he wanted me to have and to qualify on the position he is offering me. So I put "That Was Close" as a title for this post because that was really close of having an online home based job.

If you would like to look for opportunities of home based jobs. you can create an account or register to these websites: and I have account to both sites but it is very hard to get opportunities since the jobs offered require experiences and mastery of skills (ie. programming)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bad Grammar

I went through this blog of mine and check out my post. Do I have a bad grammar or does my blog contain wrong spellings? I checked it through and yes there are, but insignificant. I went on through my grammar, is it that bad? I don't think so. Is my writing skills very poor? nya, I don't think so. That is just how I write it and the text and vocabularies I am using are just basic. I felt bad when someone cannot appreciate my writing abilities, though I did not have an above average grades on my English subjects way back in my college and high school days. But I am not a loser when it comes to writing. Well I must admit that I am not very much dedicated to this blogging thing and so when I post something, I usually do something else and might ruin my focus in what I am writing and I do not go back to what I write to check my grammar and spellings. That is what I don't have. silly me! OK, so whether I like it or not, I have to accept that there are really people whom I cant please and there is only one solution to this problem I have, I must love what I am doing. Give more attention and good focus. Starting on my next post, I am going to do better.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Global Earn Talk

Many of us bloggers usually join forums. I am not sure which forums most of you belong. Me I have a couple of forums that is in my list. One of them is (GET)Global Earn Talk. GET is a Paid to Post forum where you get paid whenever you post something on a thread. The post rate is 0.5 - 3GET$ point per post and it depends on the section where it belongs or wether it is a fun section. 100GET$ points is equal to $1. That is not so much but it has contest too where many have the chance of winning. I have won a couple of times already and I get paid as soon as they have audited my account. As of now I have 1250 posts (February 7, 2009) and have paid me more than $10 already. Do you think they have paid me much? Ya I think so. I cannot get that amount in PTC when I have no referrals so that is just fine for me.

Join the forum click here or click the banner

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


During mid January, I get enthused to watch Avatar, the legend of Aang as the last Air Bender. I could not help myself but to look for ways to watch the entire episodes/book or series and/or the entire story. My mind is playing things related to Avatar and talks so much about air bending, water bending, fire bending and earth bending. Not only that, I also include non-Avatar bending like wood bending, oil bending, tv bending, computer bending, body bending, and all the bending you can name. Rubber bending might be included there.

It all started when my brother and niece watch TV in TV5 with these Sponge Bob Square Pants and Jimmy Neutron talking in Tagalog. Including kiddie show which I am not that familiar with. Then they were watching Aang talking in Tagalog. Its nice to hear that but I like to listen to it better in English, the original dubbed version. Then we started to talk about Aang and things that an Avatar can do. I often tell me sister, " Someone was looking after you,"

She would say, "who is it?"

I would say, " someone from Fire Nation!".

Just recently, I bought a DVD with complete books and episodes of Avatar. Pretty excited to watch the full episodes, it became an Avatar marathon. At first it was smooth flow because the book 1 was totally complete and it was really nice to watch. It really fed my imagination and I like that. toward the end of book 2, sad and became a little annoyed to figure out that book 2 is not complete. Well I have no choice but to finish it but to my surprise, book 3 is not also complete! Arggh! I wish I asked for a reciept when I purchased that DVD so that I could still return it.

Now, I will have this alternative, look for Avatar streaming videos in the internet. Here are some of the links.