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Monday, September 12, 2011

Open Office vs Microsoft Office

Some of you may have not known the difference between the two, I am writing this not for you so I assume you already have an idea what is the difference between the two. As we all know the Microsoft Office has reached its peak. Well as far as our present technology is concerned for I am assuming that there will still be upgrades and improvements that it will undergo. Now looking at Open Open Office, we cannot blame the authors for the project is Free and Open Source. But at least they have to do competitive work. So that the Open Source world will eventually rule.

I am an avid Ubuntu user. But the thing that I do not like about being in Ubuntu is that I cannot use a good word processor at least in interface. Not unless if I have a Wine installed perfectly with out lag running on my system. In my case, Wine can't help. Choosing either of the two under Microsoft environment is easy. You may answer me, "Microsoft Office of course!" And we have a variety of choices, XP, 2007 or 2010 or higher. I'll ask you, would you use Open Office than Microsoft Office, granting you have license? I bet we have the same answer. Unless you are one of Open Office developer ("patronize your own"), or you may have personal reasons of your choice.

What's my point? All I wanted is that Open Office be upgraded. It cannot be done without good developers to help out.