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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PC newly formatted

Recently I was very worried that my computer is running so slow. That is why the other day, I have decided to format by hard disk to have a fresh operating system. The first thing that I did is to make back up for the files saved on my computer. I only used a 2Gig USB data storage and I saved some of them in the internet. The others were saved in a CD-R. After that I restarted my computer and inserted my Windows XP in the CDROM. To my unluck, I lost my serial number. It took me hours to look for it. And in the next day, I found it. I got relieve to see it, I thought I will never find it. Another misfortune is that my installer have corrupted files in it. Maybe because I was not able store the CD in a proper and safe place so it went corrupted, I don't know really. Then I have no other choice but to buy a new installer. So I went to the market this afternoon and looked for one. Then I bought it immediately, and headed for home. To make it short, the installation process was so quick. Now my computer is now working properly. As of now I am still installing stuffs and doing my routinary work in the internet. But with out yahoo messenger. I got error message after installing it.. :( So that's all folks. Just a news from me.. Thank you for reading.


BOGCESS said...

Sounds you've encountered so much hassle in order to have a fast performance pc. Hehe!


piojunbabia said...

yaps... i gonna buy RAM asap...hhehehe

BOGCESS said...

Yehey! Hehehe! Bili ka nalang new computer! i7! :D