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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pidgin Alternative for Yahoo Messenger

I got very disappointed that I was not able to install yahoo messenger version 9, or even the lower versions of it. I got error message while installing and I don't know how to deal with the error message. There several alternatives I know when we cannot install yahoo messenger. I will mention only what I know.
  • First of all, yahoo made upgrades for yahoo mail. That is having a yahoo messenger embedded on yahoo mail itself. Well you can chat while opening your email.
  • Second is going to the website: You can login to your yahoo messenger using that site, however, you can login to one account same as the account you are opening on your yahoo mail.
  • The third one I know is similar to yahoo messenger but it is a multi-user client. And at the same time you can login also to other protocol like yahoo, AIM, google talk, MSN and many more. You can login to many accounts all at the same time. It is called Pidgin
Publisher's description of Pidgin

Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim) is a multi-protocol instant messaging client for BSD and Windows. It is compatible with AIM (Oscar and TOC protocols), ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, and Zephyr networks. Pidgin users can log in to multiple accounts on multiple IM networks simultaneously. This means that you can be chatting with friends on AOL Instant Messenger, talking to a friend on Yahoo Messenger, and sitting in an IRC channel all at the same time. It also goes beyond that and provides many unique features. A few popular features are Buddy Pounces, which give the ability to notify you, send a message, play a sound, or run a program when a specific buddy goes away, signs online, or returns from idle; and plugins, consisting of text replacement, a buddy ticker, extended message notification, and iconify on away.

When I was using Ubuntu operatng system, I wanted to use yahoo messenger but I could not because yahoo messenger cannot be installed on Ubuntu. I found the program Gaim and I was able to login to my yahoo messenger account. Now they have made updates on Gaim and now they have renamed it to Pidgin.

Download Pidgin from Cnet - (13.0MB)
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