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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paragon Art Gallery

I am blogging about Paragon Fine Art which provides very artistic works of art through painting on oil and canvas. Tomasz Rut Art is a photo gallery of various paintings depicting people.

When I was still in college, I had the passion about paintings through canvas using oil or coal or maybe pastel. I have always been eying joining one of the biggest extra curricular organization in college. The Circulo de Arte where most of my friends are there. When I tried to join the 'org', the nickname for organization, of course a talent is a pre requisite! My bad! I am only an art admirer whom cannot make a good art. I am not even very good at simple drawing. My friends who are members on the 'org' always bully me for being with them but yet I am not like them. What can I do? I am a musician who also loves painting. I have tried what they have done but yet, all my 'master pieces' looked like scratch!

Well, there is a gallery in the internet where, again as I said earlier, provide quality paintings! Although some of the paintings there are salacious, well that's art! Even famous renaissance painters made nude arts and most of them are really magnificent! The image above is one of the best I saw from the site. I like that specific painting more because it is showing not only a painting but it is also showing an art which I am good at! Music! So two arts are combined in one.

Try visiting the site for more! Tomasz Rut Art

Friday, June 5, 2009

Monitor Bank Rates

In this modern world, cash money are less carried when we go to malls, restaurants, paying bills and even in gas station. What we usually use nowadays is what we call the credit card. It will enable us to pay what we purchase even without bringing any cash on our wallet. But it seems to be that different establishments accept not all credit cards. This is a problem when we do not know the bank's exchange rates.

Fear not because there is a solution to this problem. Monitor Bank Rate enables you to check and determine the bank rates. If we know the rates, we would not be afraid of our savings account becoming zero balance. So visit now if you want to check the bank rate.