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Friday, May 29, 2009

Online Shop - Shop Wiki

Before I became addicted with the internet, I already have in mind about stores online. I became aware that there are things that can be bought using the internet. As I became more knowledgeable about the things the internet can do, especially that I am earning a few bucks online, I get encouraged to buy stuffs online. One site that offers incredibly wide variations of "stuffs" to chose from is the ShopWiki. The site provides you with almost all the things that can be bought!

I love to play computer games, One thing that keeps my mind from thinking about buying online, since I am a gamer, is the XBOX 360 or the Xbox where you can also get xbox games. They also have variety of Xbox accessories that makes your game really at its best! Well play station is good too but xbox is the best for me. I have not yet seen an actual xbox but I only saw one from the internet and from some magazines.

In the image beside is an image of Microsoft XBOX 360 Platinum System. This is the xbox I really wanted to own. Where we can select from various games from the same site which can be found here. They have Need For Speed Most Wanted, Call of Duty, Dead or Alive and many other cool games to choose from!

So, if there are things that you wanted to purchase online, especially when you want to buy xbox, there is only one name that you should remember, ShopWiki. They will lead you to the right place to buy what you need to buy, Online! So remember the name, ShopWiki

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Local Chat City

I am blogging about local chatroom. A local chat website that enables you to chat people from a local channel or a local place.

Just recently, recently I mean yesterday, I went to the internet cafe just to hang around. Actually I did not know what to do since I just went there for killing some time. I opened the mirc but i got bored there seeing the same usernames or nicks. Some of them do not want to chat and some are just spamming and making a fool out of themselves. But then this website I just recently knew, the local chatroom is an encridelbe website that chat in. You could chat there interesting people who have the same interest as you do. I enjoyed chatting with someone there, not only one but three contacts, in fact, I added them to my yahoo messenger friends list.

Chatting is one of the things I do when I go online. I think it is one of the most important thing in the web. There we could socialize and make a couple of friends globally. I do chat every time I go online especially to my friends who became dear to me. I have written a couple of reviews about chatting on my blog and the links goes here (on my label) chat, and many more. Please look at my label. Thank you.

If you wanted to have a great time chatting, the best place for you is local chatroom.

Small Business Loans

Do you want to open up a new business but you do not have the enough sources to begin? I would like to share to you a website that enables you to loan for your small business. It is guaranteed fast approval and even faster funding. It is called Small Business Loans. Apply Now.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Turbo Charger

I am blogging about turbocharger website. This website is about making cars charge their cars into turbo. Turbocharger makes some modification in car engines that would burst out or even enhance our car speed and durability.

When I was younger, I wished to own a car for myself in the future. But it seems like I still need to wait for more years for that to happen. But it doesn't matter. We have our family car, not one but two. Sometimes I used either of the two to go to places for some business. Me being a young driver wants some speedy and the other car that we have cannot run faster than I want it to be.

Finding this website turbocharger makes me want to do some engine modification so that I could use this car, the one car i use which was older than the other and make it run faster and better. The site is very good; they provide very low prices anywhere; Open 24 hours a day; Convenient, personalized and user-friendly online purchasing; Guaranteed the fastest shipping times on the net; comprehensive technical information and many more! with live toll free phone support!

Wanna go fast? you need a turbo charger! And if you are like me who is a speedster or any car enthusiast. Why not check my featured site!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Buy Your Car

Have you ever wanted to own your dream car? A luxury car perhaps? or maybe a sports car? you can do a window shopping at one site i knew. Buy Your Car. This site provides you with variety of car designs all for reasonable prices. You can select to buy a new car, you can buy a used car, you lease a new car, or you can sell your car! Moreover, you can loan a car and buy insurance for your car. Another thing is that you can lease a van. Here are some details about Van leasing.

Cheapest van lease and contract hire rates in the UK
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If you have interest in buying your own car, or rent or at least lease a car, then you should visit the site right now.

Online Chat For Punks

I am blogging about a new online chat site in the web called punk dating. If you are a punk lover, then this site is the best for you. I am not a punk lover myself but I could chat to some punk lovers. In fact, I have so many friends in person who loves punk. By friend, I mean a close friend and not an online friend. There are so many of them, males and females who are so cool. So again, if you are a punk lover and wanted to chat some punk lover too, you may chat at punk dating.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

PacMan beats Hatton at round 2?

Every Filipino became excited for the day PacMan vs Hatton fight to come. Yesterday, May 3, is the most await day and it finally come. I have no plans to watch the live fight but I only planned to watch through the delayed telecast by GMA 7. But yes! I made it watch the live fight at Gaisano Food court for a cheap price.

The crowd got wild on round 1 when PacMan forced Hatton to fall on his knees not only once but twice. On his second fall, the round was about to end when the flapping 10-second clue made a sound. Yeah! before the first ended, Hatton's face is already like a tomato. When the second round ended, finally Hatton fell asleep when Manny hit Hatton's jaw. It seems like he forgot where he was for a short period of time. That was a great achievement for Manny raising to the next division, the Mayweight Division.

For me, I did not expect the fight to end as fast as that. just like what Manny has said in the interview. Judging at Hatton's stance, he seems to be very solid but during the actual fight, he seems thin and he seems he never had practice at all. We could not say that it was a miss match. Both of them had enough time for preparations. Truly PacMan is a great fighter and all of us is proud of him.