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Monday, May 4, 2009

PacMan beats Hatton at round 2?

Every Filipino became excited for the day PacMan vs Hatton fight to come. Yesterday, May 3, is the most await day and it finally come. I have no plans to watch the live fight but I only planned to watch through the delayed telecast by GMA 7. But yes! I made it watch the live fight at Gaisano Food court for a cheap price.

The crowd got wild on round 1 when PacMan forced Hatton to fall on his knees not only once but twice. On his second fall, the round was about to end when the flapping 10-second clue made a sound. Yeah! before the first ended, Hatton's face is already like a tomato. When the second round ended, finally Hatton fell asleep when Manny hit Hatton's jaw. It seems like he forgot where he was for a short period of time. That was a great achievement for Manny raising to the next division, the Mayweight Division.

For me, I did not expect the fight to end as fast as that. just like what Manny has said in the interview. Judging at Hatton's stance, he seems to be very solid but during the actual fight, he seems thin and he seems he never had practice at all. We could not say that it was a miss match. Both of them had enough time for preparations. Truly PacMan is a great fighter and all of us is proud of him.


Sportsbettingcentre said...

Today I wish I was a Filipino. Your man did you proud and proved himself to be the best pound for pound fighter alive today. I believe and hope he will defeat Mayweather if they meet later this year.

piojunbabia said...

Ya, thanks for that... well judging on Hatton - Pacquiao fight, i think his next fight would be a good match. I mean we would have difficulty judging who will be the winner...