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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Global Earn Talk

Many of us bloggers usually join forums. I am not sure which forums most of you belong. Me I have a couple of forums that is in my list. One of them is (GET)Global Earn Talk. GET is a Paid to Post forum where you get paid whenever you post something on a thread. The post rate is 0.5 - 3GET$ point per post and it depends on the section where it belongs or wether it is a fun section. 100GET$ points is equal to $1. That is not so much but it has contest too where many have the chance of winning. I have won a couple of times already and I get paid as soon as they have audited my account. As of now I have 1250 posts (February 7, 2009) and have paid me more than $10 already. Do you think they have paid me much? Ya I think so. I cannot get that amount in PTC when I have no referrals so that is just fine for me.

Join the forum click here or click the banner


Inet Online said...

Nice brief review about GET!
Let me see how much I have earned from GETso far.. I think over $20 or $30 :-) Keep putting new entries in your blog! I like reading them.

piojunbabia said...

so bad that there are people there that are not pleased with my work. :(

Inet Online said...

huh? I don't get it..?

piojunbabia said...

shocks.... im sups!!! lol sori wrong number..

Tony said...

If you are genuine in your satisfaction with the system you mention, you should be setting your sights higher. Never be grateful for something that is exploiting your labour. You should shop around for a better system... and try linking your blog with other sites, then sit back and earn.

piojunbabia said...

So sir Tony, I do not know any other programs which I can earn better. Do you know any thing better than this? I have been in paid to click programs but it is not working for me... I rather have paid to post forums. Thank you sir... :)