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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recently 02: Failure

My cousin came to me to ask help. Being so proud to myself, I accepted her request without any benefit for myself. "Sure! Why not?! I could do it" I told her. She knows I am inclined to computers better than anyone else in our family so she never doubted coming to me. What does she want me to do? Very simple, she just want to edit movies, cut some clips from different movies and compile them into one single movie file. She only have DVD movies so she wanted it to convert to any movie format so that she can edit it using windows movie maker. She advised me to convert it to .avi format or if not any other format which movie maker could edit it.

So after she gave me everything I need to start, where I started to work it late at night and my due will be on 7 on that morning, it was very late for me to do. But still I need to finish it. There are seven movies she wanted me to convert, at least to convert only. But I converted only four out of seven. I slept at around 5 in the morning but I did not finish it all. I got frustrated with such a failure, though I did my best at least made 4/7, still that was not good enough. Besides that, my computer is old and it stops every now and then while converting. So it takes a while converting. Many times I restarted the computer with out finishing a single convert. So I got really frustrated to that. My melancholic personality eats me and my self esteem really goes down when that happen. Anyway, never mind and that's all for now. I don't want to tell more than that.


Rumah Islami said...

you have done your best my friend. That's the main point that you should know :)

piojunbabia said...

yes, thank you... i know that but, its not enough for me... thank you friend..... i appreciate it a lot..