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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dream 01

Last night I had a dream, it was clear dream and I remember it exactly how it happened but it started from abstract vision. Later it went clear. I was in a school, in the school where took my high school. I just roam around there and just reminiscing my past school days. I went to my favorite places and the place where I pass when I go to class, to the canteen, to the gym and to the gazebo. I stared at the place where I got stock because the CAT (Citizen's Army Training) officer wont let me pass because I was late and/or it is not yet time to enter.

Later I went outside the campus and decided to go home. I have no money then for fare so I just hitch a ride. There are no other vehicles I could find and a cargo truck passed by so I have to ride on that truck. I made a hitch sign but I was ignored. Since the truck was moving slowly, I managed to ride at the back where it is really hard to hold. There is only about 5 to 6 inches platform where I seated and I was holding a small handle just to keep me there. I had difficulty when it started to run faster. The truck is actually going faster which I never thought it would. Sooner I fell of the street and to catch the attention of the driver, I hit the back of his truck very hard so he would hear something and would eventually stop. There he did stop and looked at the back of the truck where he noticed it was open. I was lying on the ground when he closed the back door of his truck, ignore me and went away.

The truck looked like this
My dream ended there because I woke up. Someone woke me up, my grandfather. I wanted to sleep again to know what happened next but I could not sleep back. I am wondering if there are any signs to that dream. Any ideas?


BOGCESS said...

Lesson learned:
Gumising ng maaga para di ma-late sa CAT para di makalimutan ang baon at para may pamasahe ka pauwi para di na kelangang maki-hitch. Haha! Peace pio! I have no idea eh. Hehehe!