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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friends At Home

We all have friends. I am sure no body here has no friends. At least one? I believe no one has only one friend here but many. We have friends here and there and everywhere. Text here and call there, mails and emails, sometimes chat and sometime face to face conversations.

We usually hang up with our friends outside our respective houses. Usually at malls, favorite places in school, cafés, gazebos, rendezvous, and other places we want to go. Since the very day that my mother applied for a broadband internet connection, started last July 2008, I have been online most of my time. I check my social networking sites quite often. I join forums and signed up on to different websites. I have befriended many people around the world. I met different kinds of people from random worlds. From simple to complicated, and many to mention. Since then also, I open my yahoo messenger as soon as I open my computer and this is also the reason I got many friends online. It is as if talking to a friend on one part of the house - my computer. I have not even seen them in person.

Today, I very often see my friends around with me. My usual friends whom I used to be with. The friends whom I always meet and I always talk to are now become someone I do not talk more often now. I spend more time chatting my friends online and we became a little intimate to some of them. Here are the people I talk most of the time in the internet:
Tykez- Almost everyday
Kathleen B - almost everyday
Lhyn - about 5 times a week
Cherry - a few times a week
Lina - a few times a week
Maya - a few times a week
Sudarsan - a few times a week
Sandeep - a few times a week
John A - a few times a week
Marie - a few times a month
Adnan - a few times a week
EJ - a few times a week
and some more I chat for several times a month..