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Thursday, February 12, 2009

That Was Close

Most of us wanted to have a Home Based Job. Who would not want that especially that we are doing paid jobs in the expense of our home? Not only that, most online home based jobs are paying dollars so it is more practical to have a home based job especially when it has a good amount of pay. Aside from that, we can have less expenses like we do not need to spend for fare or gas for cars; no traffic and no late. We can also have more quality time with our family if we have home based jobs. And more time to relax! :)

Well, just recently, a friend of mine named Gabby (not the real name I RESPECT PRIVACY) who is also having a home based job as a home based call center agent. My friend referred to me a client who was looking for a home based online assistant, gave to me the yahoo ID and I begun chatting with the client. He asked me details about me and some skills I have. It was more or less an interview for me. At first he he liked to have me hired and was about to hire me but later he found out that I lack some skills that are necessary to sit on the position he is offering. Later I found out that what the client was looking for was out of my skills and knowledge. Though I was really serious and very much interested of having that job, and willing to learn, where he is offering me good enough amount of pay per hour, I was honest on what I could do. So I just told the client that I needed more experiences on the skills that he is requiring me to have.

In other words, I failed to have that opportunity, an opportunity to work online and an opportunity to expose myself as well. I bid goodbye to the client and told him that I might be able to master the skills he wanted me to have and to qualify on the position he is offering me. So I put "That Was Close" as a title for this post because that was really close of having an online home based job.

If you would like to look for opportunities of home based jobs. you can create an account or register to these websites: and I have account to both sites but it is very hard to get opportunities since the jobs offered require experiences and mastery of skills (ie. programming)


BOGCESS said...

Ok lang yan pio! Remember, GOD reserves the best for us. Maybe di para sayo yang job na yan, pero I'm sure meron mas magandang opportunity that awaits you in the future. Cheer up dude! Remember this.. We'll both make it big here sa Online Business natin.

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piojunbabia said...

thanks EJ!!!

yea we gonna do better things in money making online... thanks... :)

Inet Online said...

As you said to me in YM, "WWW is a big place" you will find one that suits you. Now you know what the world wants. Focus on improving on that! LOL,