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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Home Security Gadgets and Reviews

I am blogging about home security gadgets. It is a blog about reviews in many kinds of home security gadgets that would help us in many ways to prevent our homes from different type of criminals, burglars and any related to that.

Just recently in our local news, some gang have become famous for burglars. They are not ordinary burglars but they really have stole a couple of items from the victim house. They are organized burglars and all their operations are well planned. They have about 10 successful operations and they have not been caught until now. In this case we need something useful installed at home. One useful gadget is the TeleSpy Telephone which detects any burglar or a friend. Another is the Lorex Security Camera or a Survielance Camera and many other useful and cool gadgets. For more reviews about some of these, please visit


maneesh said...

Webcam home monitoring is much cheaper than using a professional home security set-up, that could set you back by many hundred dollars. Once you have your webcams in place, a webcam software is extremely affordable and what's best, is that some of them like GotoCamera even offer this service for free.