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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Catholic Chat City

I am blogging about Catholic Chat City, a Catholic Chat room website.

I am a social person and I chat all the time with my friends as soon as I turn on my computer. We exchange hi's and hello's and that makes my online life complete. I have several friends already. But not necessarily means that they are girls. In fact majority of them are males who are my partners in online money making. One of them I meet in one forum.

I have a friend from Kansas City, USA. I met her at a Catholic dating site. We chat many times a week and we've been chatting for more than 7 months now. However the dating site is no longer active though online, there seems to be few members in them. Now, if you are a Catholic who want to look for Catholic Chatters to chat with you online, like me...I can recommend one site that is very suitable.

The name of the site is Catholic Chat City. Actually I just registered right now. At this moment I wrote this review about it. Well this is not a dating site but it will assume like one. Many are online there and many are from around the globe. I don't know how long have this site been online but I think it is new. Maybe about this year or about towards the end of 2008.

I invite you to come and see to this site. It is really cool and guarantee you have many friends there. Happy Chatting. Catholic Chat City


Anonymous said...

nice... Chatting with fellow Catholics is fun... thanks for sharing buddy.... :P