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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lazy As Always

I have become quite lazy at these times, I have not updated my blog quite often and even my other blog has no recent posts. What have I been doing? well, nothing really. A month ago I joined a paid forum, you can join in here ( I became a little active on the forum with me have over a thousand posts for only a month passed. Since then I loose interest and passion to post new in my blog(s). Besides that, I still do some of my PTC clicks and one pickjack that also pay. Other than that, I have been chatting with my friends all over the world not counting the times when I had not been online in the recent days due to damaged PC which it needed to go to the computer shop. That doesn't look im too busy right? that is why the title of this post is "Lazy As Always" Anyway, I cannot blame myself because I have other things to do. If only I have a laptop so that even if I am not online I could still have the time and faculties to do some stuffs in the computer like composing a post or making a review, etc.

Whew! I hope I can get back to my seat some other days and looking forward to post more on my blogs and also I am looking forward to create a newer blog which I am planning to create.


Tony said...

You should write as soon as you think of a spontaneous thought, before it escapes. Develop the blog that you have, rather than dividing your forces.

Thank you for linking to my blog. Those pictures of a young Barack Obama from Time magazine were surprising, weren't they? I thought I was looking at another Jimi Hendrix.