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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Im Back!

In some circumstances, it is inevitable that our things and other stuffs or electronic gadgets wont work or even destroyed by no other than ourselves. Sometimes due to accident and sometime old age. In my case it just got busted and did not work. So now I am asking for apology that my blog has been no posts for several weeks since during the past few weeks - that was about Christmas season, my computer just turned off without me doing anything to it. It can be compared to a person who just fainted under the heat of the sun.

Last week, few days after new year, I sent my computer to a computer shop to have a check up and to repair it as well. It took several days because I have no budget.

Now I have my computer back with internet, I can posts again and provide some updates about the GMA show.

Whew I missed a lot!