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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Silhouette

This is a photo taken by my mother several months ago. I kept this image on my drive D:/Pictures/myself and I almost forgot its existence. Right after seeing this again, I found out this this picture looked nice and I feel it is taken by a professional photographer. Before I did not see its beauty, but now, I found it is good. CLICK IMAGE TO FULL VIEW or Click HERE. Of you like the photo, you can click "I LIKE IT" thank you and have a nice day to all of you!!


Shirgie said...

Yeah..I agree, ganda nga ng pagkakuha,,very solemn...:>

piojunbabia said...

yea mother took that pic...thanks maybe you could visit that site i provided...the link is in the picture itself thanks..

M A Y A said...

hanep! ang gwapo mo pala pag naka-silhouette! hehe! peace!!!

imperness, galing ng mommy mo kumuha ah.

piojunbabia said...

lol, seriouso ka ba? o nang aasar? isantabi nalang ang insulto? hehehehe...thanks kung seriouso ka..... hehehe

NaMiDani said...

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