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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Survivor Philippines

Who amongst you do watch Survivor Philippines?(Among Filipinos of course, or including non - Filipinos who are a fan of Survivor in any country) For me I say that there is something wrong with that reality TV and I believe that it is somewhat deceiving. And who are deceived? Us of course.

Before the official airing of Survivor Philippines in GMA7, the list of castaways has been introduced to us through GMA7 of course. All castaways are from different parts of the Philippines and we noticed that there are Cebuanos and tagalogs.
List of Castaways:
  1. Charisse
  2. Chev
  3. Cris
  4. Emerson
  5. Gigit
  6. Jace
  7. JC
  8. John
  9. Kaye
  10. Kiko
  11. Marlon
  12. Nikki
  13. Nina
  14. Patani
  15. Rob
  16. Vern
  17. Vev
  18. Zita
After i think 21 days(?) of survival in the island, many things happen. More information on these sites: (official website), the normal ups and downs in the show and the inevitable conflicts between each castaways. But there is one man that caught my attention. Who is this man named Marlon Carmen? In the show, he is showing a clever and a bad image. And yet he survived that long. I don't question his long survival in the show. But my question is, why is he showing a negative attitude towards each castaway and to many viewers in the Philippines as well. Have you seen how he is interviewed during each episode? He seems to be unique in the show.

As far as I know, the producers have planned to get 16 castaways only. Later, they have decided to add two more castaways to make it eighteen. For me I think that they only needed one castaway. A castaway that is only "add on" to the show. But to make it even, they made it to add two more to sum up to 18. This "add on" character is a "CON ARTIST" or confidence artist added to spice up the show. I am referring to no other than Marlon. I really believe that he is just an actor inside the show. Look at him how he acted and his internal behavior, that is not quite normal for a normal castaway. Believe me he is just an actor!

Today, Friday November 7, 2008. Time for voting out one castaway on the night of tribal council. The votes are pointing to Marlon vs Kiko evenly with four votes each. The last vote will be declared on Monday, Nov10. I am willing to bet that Kiko is out of the game! I also believe that the votes are manipulated by the Survivor staff to make the show thrilling!

I might be wrong with my intuition, but I am 95% sure about this. If ever I am wrong, I will edit this post and add notes for my apology to Marlon and to the Survivor staff.



Inet Online said...

I also agree that Marlon is just an add-on for this program.

And I applaud the staff of Survivor Philippines for using their brains.

What makes a program worth staying tuned in? Ofcourse a very annoying bad character! So that viewers would watch it everyday wishing for that chjaracter (Marlon) to be voted out.

Imagine if all were good guys left, the show would be Bor_ng!

aldwin said...


iba karin Inet Online..hahaha

eh kung ganyan lang naman, nag teleserye nalang sana sila at hindi na nag.reality show..hahaha

hai sure they are doing that because they want to beat pinoy fear factor..haha

kawawa..anyway, thanks for visiting my administrator of this site, i may don't know you but thanks ^^,

piojunbabia said...

ows? beat pinoy fear factor? the ratings is landsline,,,accept it...and besides nauna ang survivor sa pinoy fear factor......