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Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Poem


Oh, I think my love for you has no end
Can't you realize and understand the way I treat you
But I think you already knew the feelings deep inside me
I hate to love you more deeply 'coz I knew I would fail.

You are pretty smart to do some kind of art
Your eyes are as beautiful as the beauty of your face
And so with the beauty of all the arts that you made
But as bright as the sun which I cant even take a glance.

Why do I have this shy feelings which made myself far from you
How I'd wished we were closed since the start
Now I see that regrets are always at the end
Making myself too far away from you is a never easy feelings.

I love the things you have to show, appreciation I meant to give
I wont get closer to you 'coz I knew you go away
Underneath my heart and mind, i stood near you
I couldn't come closer 'coz something's stopping me to go through.

How can I tell you this feelings in my heart
Even if I can find a better woman than you
I will never ever forget you 'till the end
It's alright for me, for you to miss something about me

Every time I'm with you, I feel like heaven with an angel
I'm not forgetful enough to miss your smiling face and gorgeous eyes
Happy I would be if you would become as part of my life
But now I know that you'll never be with me and that's alright

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