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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New President Barack Obama

I have posted some days ago about the life of Barack Obama. As far as I know, Obama is leading in the surveys for US presidential candidate. Even in months ago, his name is already fragrant in many sorts of media most especially the Internet. Some months ago, while I was not yet blogging and all I do in the Internet is just surfing, searching and do many sorts of Internet stuffs. I usually go to YouTube and watch many videos. One time I came to a channel of Mr Dan Brown on YouTube and I notice he is somewhat 'endorsing' the presidential candidate Obama. Here is one of his recent videos about why he is voting Barack Obama as the president:

Obama's name is already spread all over the world via Internet and I have watched in the News that Obama spent much more money in doing campaigns in whatever ways. Another thing is that this Dan Brown has influenced much on his viewers and if you try to see how much viewers he gain in You Tube, the number is significant. What I am trying to say is that Obama has made a good campaigning strategies compared to McCain. Other than that, Obama's platform is quite better than McCain (subjective point of view) though McCain is more experienced in most things considering the fact that he is a war veteran, etc.

Life is ironic. Look at Bush, he gained much votes from American citizens, disregarding the possibility of cheat, but on the latter part of his term, many hated him and wanted him ousted! Would Obama be like Bush later? or will he do better or worse than Bush? Nah! what ever it is, I don't care because politics are always dirty whether or not the politician's intentions are good or not. Corruption is inevitable.