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Friday, December 19, 2008

Something in my mind

There is something in my mind that I could not express. There is something telling me but I could not hear the voice. I wanted to listen but I hear nothing. I want to know what is deep inside my mind. It is telling me something that I wish I would know but I could not figure it out. I wish some one will tell me because I am really puzzled. Maybe I am just tired and I need rest.

Maybe some of you have experienced the feeling I have felt. I know its kind of weird to tell this, but I really want to know what is behind my mind. Its just that there is something that I want to do and there is something that I am looking for. Maybe that is the word, there is something I am looking for but I do not know what I am looking for. Could someone please help me?

I am a melancholic type of person, melancholic people are most often feel that way, no wonder I felt that. But that is not an excuse. I think there is some thing more about that - being melancholic and I need to figure it out. The problem is how to begin and where, what to do and what do I need to know? I think its hopeless even if I will consider the fact of being a melancholic.

To those who do not know what melancholic is, I will just state a few and research of your own. Melancholy is one of the four types of personality called Temperament. There are four common/major classifications of temperament: (a)Choleric (b)Melacholic (c)Sanguin and (d) ______ I forgot the last one. Deng! Who ever can tell me the fourth one (by sending me an email:, I will do what ever you want as long as it is possible for me. Post a comment to this post that you have sent me an email containing an answer. Please.

Anyway, so thats it, that is what I feel right now. Can anyone please help me about what I feel now? Its not just a feeling but a reality of my identity.

Thank you and God bless.


Indra Putu Achyar said...

hello friend, how are you today...
whether you are good?