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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cebu Invasion

One of the most famous land mark of Cebu City - the Magellan's Cross, is one of the pit stop we had on you tour to Cebu City. The place was so clean and nice, with so many tourist both Foreign and Filipino like us as well who took pictures of this nice place. Not only nice but also significant in the eyes of historians since this area is also a historic place.

This photo, starring me, is a proof and most of all a remembrance that I have been to this place. This will be one of my most treasured photo in my life. I mean one. With a burned image of the Blessed Mother behind me and the big Cross which was one of the attractions of the place including the paintings on the ceiling which completes the scene. This photo, by my sister, is perfectly shot and I like how is was being shot except for the sun.

Behind this historical spot is another beautiful place full of the grandeur of Catholicism. The Church of Santo Niño. The Church is old but I do not know when it was built. It has traditional setup naming the altar (but not the altar table), the images and statues of the saints, and the architectural setup of the church has been maintained.
Above its main door

Image from the outside

Adjacent to the Church

I like the place very much. I think and I believe that this is my most favorite place in Cebu not counting those I have not visited. Beside this place, we have been to SM.... whew, not much place. I thought we will be staying there for day but unfortunately, Our stay lasted for more than 12 hours only.

We arrived in Cebu International Airport at around 7:30 in the morning. Our plans is to go to Mactan Island to see Andres Bonifacio there live! Oh, I'm sorry I mean Lapulapu, standing naked. Unfortunately, we had no transportation and and so we went to the house instead where my sister is boarding. We wasted so much time there. Wasting time eating. Laugh Out Loud! We do not have much food!

After that we went to anonymous place. Anonymous because I don't want to mention place. Place like SM, Shopping Mall, Shoe Mart, Super Maket, Sulod sa Merkado, Sa Min, Si Mario, Super Mario, Super Man, Sa Market, So Many more.... we wasted time riding a public vehicle and traffic is unforgivable even with confession. I was so sleepy all day since I never sleep the night before that.

Exhausted Me(above)I won a brand new Mitsubishi whatever(below)

To make this short story a little shorter, we (my father, mother and me excluding my 2 sisters and niece) went to the pier or ship port, or ship terminal or whatever you call it at around 6:30pm to sail home towards Cagayan de Oro. The ship will depart at 8pm. We had dinner inside. Arrived home at 4:30am. bleh!

for more questions about my trip, please email me at or YM me on the same yahoo id... i did not write things on details.

for the benefit of Ms Kathleen Burton, - Kansas, USA


the donG said...

astig! naalala ko tuloy nung pagpunta ko dun last may. sarap mamasyal doon.

piojunbabia said...

yap..sarap talaga mamasyal dun...

kegler747 said...

Naeexcite na tuloy ako kse I'll in Cebu rin bukas. Up to know I have with me yung panyo na pinunas ko sa Sto. Nino dyan sa Basilica. I always carry it sa aking backpack para maging safe ako sa aking mga travels.

Taga CDO ka? I'll be there again next month para bumisita uli sa aking favorite province, Camiguin.

piojunbabia said...

wow, kegler, nice...i have been to camiguin once,,,, and saya mag travel noh? sana nga maka punta rin ako sa mga magagandangf lugar sa pinas....