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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Like A River That Flows

I am not sure where this river is. I believe this is Davao. Besides, I did not take this photo. I am not quite sure who took this photo but I know who owned this. He is my friend whom I have not met for almost a year already. His name is Herbert and he is one of my close friend, in fact best friend. But we have not heard from each other lately. About two days ago, he sent me a private message on friendster asking how I was doing. I replied and I did not received his reply yet. He is now busy with his work as an electrical engineer somewhere in Bugo. I miss his company and I wish we could spend our time together again.


the donG said...

kakamiss nga ang mga kaibigan.

piojunbabia said...

wat do you mean?

Inet Online said...

Oist Jun! Ang ganda ng template mo ah!!

Happy Holidays!

piojunbabia said...

hehe...binago ko kasi ayoko na nung dati kong template..