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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am an Experienced Driver

I am an 'experienced driver'. What do I mean by this statement? I also call this day, October 30 as the fifth anniversary of being an 'experienced driver'. Yes today, I am celebrating my 5th Anniversary for being such. Why? why? and why? I don't want to tell coz I feel ashamed.. hehehe

Five years ago I was driving (my father's) motor bike, later we share the same bike because he used 4 wheel most of the time, so I am using the two-wheel. A Yamaha DT, color red and some few sticker designs and some cool stuffs decorated. I am a motor enthusiast (I was) and I drive a little fast and I can put my speed at the highest depending on the motor's speed limit. I don't drag race but I race with many motorist in the highway. Although I must admit that I drive very proud and confident, though I am not a really a big guy, I am pretty sure that I drive with extra care and with total vigilance and of course watchful eyes.

On that day, an unexpected private Jeep made a quick U turn with out making a signal. With my super speed, the brake won't catch the distance and I hit his bumper and broke my leg, my right leg and disabled me to walk for about half a year or more. I was rushed to the hospital. I thought I'd be losing my leg but it was fixed.

The experience that I had made me realize that maybe I was too proud or over confident in driving. Maybe it was a lesson for me to drive slower. Five years had already passed now and somehow, the memory of that incident is slowly vanishing. I mean the trauma is vanishing but the memory will always be there until I die.

Sorry no photographs available.