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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bit Defender Anti Virus

A friend suggested to me that I need to have a new post on my blog and he suggested that I should feature about the anti virus I am now using with my impressions and my satisfactions regarding my anti virus. Some months ago, I am not sure what anti virus to use. I have Norton, AVG, PC-cilllin and many others. Just recently, another friend of mine asked me to rate something on his poll. The poll was asking: What do you think is the best anti-virus? unfortunately I was not able to follow up the poll result becuase he deleted or renamed his url blog - I am not sure what happened.

Prior to answering his poll, he asked me personally, what anti virus I am presently using? I said, Avira because it was free and suggested by another friend. So he asked me to try BitDefender. I asked "why?" "try and see!" was his answer. So I did tried BitDefender.

BitDefender is an antivirus software suite developed by Bucharest-based software company SOFTWIN. It was launched in November 2001,[1] and is currently in its eleventh version. BitDefender replaced SOFTWIN's earlier AVX (AntiVirus eXpert) product range. The BitDefender group spins off from SOFTWIN in 2007. The BitDefender range includes antivirus products for home users, businesses, enterprise users and Internet service providers. Home editions support Microsoft Windows, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and Mac OS X (Beta); business and enterprise editions support Microsoft Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. The current version of the Home/Home Office security suite includes antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall, e-mail spam filtering, backup, tune-up and parental control components. A free basic online scan is offered via the BitDefender website.

Reviews for BitDefender have been largely positive, and the home version of the suite was given the PC Answers editor's choice award in a comparative review in May 2007. As of June 2007, BitDefender has passed Virus Bulletin's VB100 independent tests 14 times out of 18 since first tested in 2002. It has also achieved an advanced certification from AV Comparatives for on-demand scanning, and standard level certification for catching unknown viruses, though was criticised for its slower scanning speed and higher instances of false positives. It is also the least expensive option from the top three antivirus solutions, as ranked by PC World.

Older versions of BitDefender are made available for free download when newer versions are released. The first version which was made freely available was version 8. As of November 2007, version 10 of BitDefender is freely available for download. Unlike the commercial version, the free version only offers an on-demand virus scan, and doesn't provide real time scanning, and may therefore, be less suitable for machines with continuous connection to the internet.

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History of the product:
1996-2001: Romanian product AVX, the first antivirus worldwide to offer intelligent updating, without user intervention, and to integrate an internal browser, which scans and monitors all downloaded files. AVX holds the first behavior- based application blocking technology and it is the first antivirus product to include personal firewall features. As a world premiere, the Romanian product includes solutions for the existing instant messaging applications (ICQ, MSN, Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Net meeting, mIRC), therefore anticipating this new trend of the emerging virus families. With the sixth generation of AVX, the product becomes the first antivirus to include an application firewall as well as behavior- based blocking.

2001, November: AVX turns into a brand of antivirus solutions, BitDefender, which enters the international market.

2002, March: BitDefender® launches the first antivirus solution for MS SharePoint at CeBIT 2002.

2003, February: MIDAS (Malware Intrusion Detection Advanced System) enters the product development stage. This proprietary technology, winner of the IST prize, is set to revolutionize antivirus design.

2003, August: The 7th generation of BitDefender is launched. This is the first antivirus to include the antidialer technology.

2003, November: World Premiere - BitDefender releases the first ever commercial antivirus for the Linux Samba 3 servers.

2004, April: BitDefender releases its proprietary antispam technology.

2004, January: The first version of the LinuxDefender Live CD is launched at the LinuxConf 2003. LinuxDefender is a full-featured Linux distribution, packed on a bootable CD to produce the ultimate antivirus rescue kit.

2004, July– BitDefender introduces the update pushing service. Instead of relying on scheduled updates only, customers that opt into this service have the latest updates "pushed" to their servers the second such updates become available, further reducing the threat posed by new viruses.

2004, October- Andreas Marx ( releases the top of antivirus products’ response time. BitDefender comes out the most reactive antivirus product with a response time of under 4 hours.

2005, March: BitDefender® introduces HiVE –heuristics in virtual environment- a technology aimed at reducing dependency on virus signatures through the proactive detection of unknown threats.

2005, April: BitDefender launches the hourly update system.

2005, August: The Andreas Marx tests show that BitDefender has “a zero second” response time against all major threats. Based on the HiVE technology, BitDefender proactively detects all new ITW viruses during August 2005.

2005, September: BitDefender launches its 9th generation of products. BitDefender Internet Security becomes one of the most complete solutions on the market, including antivirus, antispyware, antispam, firewall, antidialer and parental control.

2006, May: BitDefender® introduces B-HAVE (Behavioral Heuristic Analyzer in Virtual Environments), its proprietary heuristic detection technology.

2006, June: NeuNet, the new heuristic detection technologies are integrated into the BitDefender solutions.

2006, August: BitDefender launches its 10th generation of products. New technologies are included in the product line: B-HAVE- Behavioral Heuristic Analyzer in Virtual Environments (proactive detection of new threats without signatures) and SID - SPAM IMAGE DISTANCE (antispam technology that insures spam messages containing images are filtered).

2006, December: BitDefender® launches the Spam Image Filter, an important step in the combating of the new spamming techniques.

2007, January: BitDefender releases its 32bit Vista compatible desktop solutions.

2007, February: BitDefender releases Mobile Security. This new product provides real-time antivirus protection for mobile devices (smartphones and PDAs).

2007, September: BitDefender® launches BitDefender 2008, its new, 64 bytes, Vista compatible desktop security suite which provides proactive protection against the most damaging malware, spyware, spam, phishing attacks and many other computer threats, as well as a set of new functionalities intended to improve computer performance.

2008, April: BitDefender® and SOS Online Backup™, an industry leader in online data loss prevention solutions, have joined forces to deliver an integrated online storage, backup , and recovery solution that protects BitDefender’s business and consumer customers against data loss or deletion due to harmful Internet attacks and system failures.

2008, April: BitDefender® introduced a new generation of its Security Suite for Business, which provides growing companies with a comprehensive set of solutions that set new standards for proactive protection against security threats.

2008, August: BitDefender® launches BitDefender Total Security 2009, which provides the ultimate proactive protection for PCs by combining advanced protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam and other e-threats, with minimal impact on system performance.


Presently I am using a free edition of BitDefender and so far I am having a good time with this Anti virus. Maybe you should try it. Download here.