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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heroes - my Favorite

Heroes Season 3 or Volume 3 had already been aired in NBC premiered last September 22, 2008. This TV series is my favorite TV show above all list. I like it very much because it enables my imagination to play like a kid thinking about super natural powers childlikely. Since the start during when I have discovered this and watched the first season/volume until season 2 in DVD, I watch it uncontrolably straight and almost without a break. Watch it like a movie marathon and it doesn't tire me. :) 

Heroes Season 3 is now aired weekly on Mondays. Now I have made short summary per episode (see I'm really a great fan for this) on my other blog. It can be read here. I don't watch it on NBC instead I download it from some sites once every episode. I also download weekly because they upload it weekly since it is aired weekly.

For download details please ask me.
more information about Heroes:


I am Bong said...

I also used to watch this. Nasa anong season na to? Miss watching this...

piojunbabia said...

Season 3 na... sa season 3 episode 5 pa ang na air weekly sa nbc..

piojunbabia said...