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Friday, December 25, 2009

Roof Top

The only way to the roof top is through the bathroom. By rooftop, I mean, above the roof. Is that is it called? Whatever. Anyway, yes. Last night, I went to the roof through bathroom. I stayed for about an hour and I finished 15 decades. Nobody knew I was there and I don't want anyone know I went there. Though it won't make a difference if someone would.

Before ascending, I purposely unlocked to bathroom's door and turned off the lights to make impression that no one is using the room. Yes, every body thinks no one is using. So when I descended, I should pretend that I am using the room by turning the lights on and locking the door. But right after I turned on the lights and right before I locked the door, my mom budged in thinking no one is inside but she was surprised to see me. She thought no one is inside but there I was totally there. Good thing I was not naked.