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Monday, December 14, 2009

Cats Has Nine Lives?

I love cats, well I love dogs too. One day, I found a cute kitten, I believe it's only weeks old. She plays around and likes me. I give her food, that's why she likes me. Then I decided to bring her home. On her first day, she was good. That night, I prepared her some food and set her aside. Then later an old cat who used to come to our kitchen to steal some food. I don't know who owned this cat but this cat is really annoying.

Maybe this cat is jealous to my new kitty kitty. So she tried to take the cat on her head using this cat's big mouth ( I don't know this cat's gender). Upon seeing what the cat did to my kitty, I scared it away. So she failed to bring the kitten along. Soon when I tried to check on the kitty, she seems, hurt and seems like.... she had heart attack. What?! At her age she had that? And do cats have that ailments? Strange.

Eventually, the kitten died, maybe due to suffocation, I don't know. I wanted to do CPR but hey! She's a cat! My cousin and my sister who were witness rejected the theory "Cats have nine lives!"