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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Giant Cave Discovered In Vietnam

It is very nice to take a look at nature especially the scenes are not easily found nearby. In Vietnam, a cave named Son Doong Cave is considered one of the most biggest cave in the world. A joint British-Vietnamese team have explored the cave in April, found an underground river running through the first 2.5 kilometers of limestone ground and stalagmites that are 230 feet high. Reportedly skyscrapers could fit in to these caves of Vietnam.

I am excited to see a documentary about this on TV. Perhaps National Geographic Channel would cover this. The photo below are taken from other websites. Click the image to view the site which was the image was hosted.

more images in the site, click the image (opens new tab)

another photo from

Gallery HERE
It is very interesting if I could have a chance to tour the place. But it is quite impossible for me to do so unless I win a lottery. The good thing is that we have media (such as documentary) so they can share to us the beauty of this wonderful nature. Happy New Year to all!