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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nice translation by Google Translate

I copy and pasted a conversation from a forum. They were talking in Filipino and when I was trying to convert it using Google Translate, I found the translation amusing. Here it is.

careful sa post ha..baka may post na ma disqualify ka or baka may minus ka, sayang bilis mo, mka habol ka pa...tigil muna ako.... :) kanina pa ako sa office.... hehehehe

English Translation courtesy of Google Translate:
careful in the post .. maybe someone in post to disqualify you ormaybe you have minus, alas you go ... the speed, MKA yet ... stopchasing me first .... :) I'm in the office earlier than .... hehehehe

2 comments: said...

LOL, the translation is so funny..

piojunbabia said...

ya... funny indeed! :)