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Friday, March 13, 2009

Halloween Costume

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The other day, I was watching TV with my niece. The TV show we were watching is Sponge Bob Square Pants. Surprise to see the episode they have on that day, it was about Halloween where Sponge Bob was too desperate to scare all his friends in the neighborhood. He wore a blanket like the one in the picture and pretended to be a ghost but hes not scary because he has square head so his friends would recognize him. So he asked his friend to trim his head so that when covered with white cloth, he would appear like a ghost. When people see him, they still recognize him as Sponge Bob and told him that he is not really scary, but when Sponge Bob removed his ghost costume, - the white cloth all got scared to see his head gone and all left is his brain. his eyes and his mouth. Pretty scary!

Well. About the website I am featuring today, about costumes which perfectly suits with Sponge Bob. He should have must use a costume like the one in the picture. It is more scary and horrible. The site does not only sell Halloween costumes but also costume for movies and TV shows, sexy outfit, outfit for adults, for kids, for toddlers, masks and a lot more. Visit the website for more cool costumes!

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